Board's refusal to give an inch brings shame on them

By Penny Coles, Niagara Advance

Virgil parent Jamie King called shame on the school board trustees Tuesday evening "for sitting back, tongue-tied, waiting for our community to lose its cool and target each other instead of the process that has driven us to such division."

And this before the two-hour discussion that ended with, although difficult to imagine, the future of NDSS even more in jeopardy than at the start of the evening.

King was speaking of the undercurrent that has run below the surface of discussions of NDSS for the last decade, always there but never truly addressed, trustees and parents dancing around the issue of a religious school supported by the public board.

King included documents that call into question what a public board was thinking of, other than money, when it agreed to include Eden-described as a unique educational program with an educational philosophy based on the authority of the Bible, and an educational model in which Christ and the Christian commitment form the foundation for all curricula-as an alternative school in a public system.

But it is, and although that impacts on NDSS and its declining enrolment, the real shame of the board is that it refuses to acknowledge all the positive steps being made by the NOTL community and the Friends of NDSS toward increasing enrolment, it refuses to grant more time for those initiatives to pay off, in short it continues to refuse to do anything that might help keep the school open, despite the fact that some of those initiatives could attract international students and bring credit to the board, not just to NDSS.

Shame on close-minded educators who can't see the possibilities.

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