Babies want the same foods over and over. Infants crave boundaries and sameness – a safety in which to flourish. It is the crazy parents who feel the need to inject variety.

BACK OF THE HOUSE: Random thoughts and dishes

I stare at the computer screen and feel I have absolutely nothing to write; the cursor pulsing to the rhythm of oblivion. Nothing. Nada. Writer’s block comes unannounced and without any grounded meaning. Of course, there must be something to write about, the world of food is vivid and rich, the characters in industry kitchens and the piracy ‘under

Beatles expert at library

Saturday, Sept. 9 is a busy day for lovers of libraries and reading all over town! The Friends of the Fort Erie Public Library will be at the Farmers’ Market in Ridgeway during the morning, with information and handouts about all the great things going on this fall. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., the Adult Literacy Council of Greater Fort Erie will have v