St. Catharines courthouse

Transgender Brock student assaulted

Was it a punch motivated by hate or one thrown by an intoxicated student inside a pub at Brock University that left a transgender student with a concussion?That question was raised, but not fully answered Thursday in a St. Catharines courtroom where James Bolland, 22, of Georgetown pleaded guilty to an assault causing bodily harm. The incident took

Ben Whitnall, left, and Dennis Eden of Dennis Eden Electrical Contractor, work Thursday morning to repair some of the light fixtures at The Bargain! Shop that were damaged in Wednesday’s crash when a car came through the Port Colborne storefront. The front doors which would have been behind Whitnall have been replaced temporarily by boards and insulation. Laura Barton/Welland Tribune/Postmedia Network

Bargain! Shop open after crash

Things have been put back into working order after a car came crashing through The Bargain! Shop’s storefront Wednesday morning in Port Colborne.