Waner Road St David's - unfit for use

Wendy Elltoft

By Wendy Elltoft

The residents of Warner Road (between concession 5 and 4 mile Creek Road St Davids) have to endure a road that is basically not fit for use and is damaging their vehicles. The Town of NOTL ignore it until we complain and then do a make shift, half measure repair by filling the holes with stone. They have however recently taken the trouble and cost to erect two 80 kph signs on the approach to this narrow, rural unmade, sidewalk less road so that the residents may also benefit from clouds of road dust on this pot holed mess not to mention the fear of their kids getting hit by a speeding car.
When we complained, Public Works department told us that Warner is indeed an 80kph limit. When we called the Mayor's office however they told us Warner is a 50kph limit. When we asked the Mayors office for a sign saying 50kph we were told it was "being studied".
The Town's Insurers paid out to damaged wheels on my car a while ago from the ridiculously large pot holes which run the entire length of the road so you cannot avoid them.
Of course if I was to be a day late with my property taxes....... well they would start fining me instantly.
For almost $11,000 property taxes I dutifully pay on time each year for which I get no street lights, no sidewalk, no sewers, is it really asking too much to have a road maintained in a fashion that so I can drive on it without damage to my vehicle and -that's driving at walking pace:- forget their 80kph!
Wendy Elltoft

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